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Become PCI Compliant with Clearent
Become PCI Compliant with Clearent

Federal law requires that any vendor offering credit card processing must complete PCI compliance training once per year.

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After you you are approved to process credit card payments powered by Clearent, you have 25 days to complete a PCI questionnaire training. If not completed on time, Clearent will charge you a monthly $34.95 penalty fee until you become PCI compliant.

You can access the PCI questionnaire from the Clearent Merchant Home Portal, which you will be able to access with your Clearent credentials.

You received an email with your username when you first became a Clearent customer. If you cannot find this email, please contact the Clearent Customer Support team at 866.435.0666 or and they will be able to provide you with the credentials you will need to access their portals.


1. Login to Merchant Home

2. PCI Status Appears under Today’s Stats from the Home view

3. Click the arrow located in the bottom right of the PCI to take action. A new tab opens for users to complete steps 4-6 below and Merchant Home remains open for users to return to as needed

4. Click Get Started

5. Complete all steps through Sign and Attest. If a signature has not been submitted, the message below appears

6. Once complete, a final screen verifying compliance appears

If you need assistance completing your PCI compliance questionnaire, you can contact Clearent at 855-864-1732 and their team will help you become PCI compliant over the phone.

Make sure you complete your PCI compliance questionnaire every year to avoid being charged any penalty fees.

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