In our v0.63.10 update we're making some small, but powerful improvements to the way GreenSky works in Credit for Comfort.

What are we releasing?

0.1 New GreenSky logo

Celebrating GreenSky's acquisition by Goldman Sachs! Putting more power and security behind our partner's brand. This also means more trust and excitement from your customers.

The new logo will show up on all your screens and marketing materials:

0.2 Inactive GreenSky Notification

In previous versions of Credit for Comfort, when GreenSky had deactivated an account and a contractor tried to start an application with a customer, the web app would behave as though there was an error or a bug. In this latest version, however, contractors will be informed that their account is no longer active with a banner at the bottom of the Estimate and Apply screen.

If you have been deactivated and you attempt to send your customer an application, they will receive a message informing them to contact their contractor upon attempting to complete the application.

0.3 Consumer Loan Activation messaging

After accepting the offer the applicant will see instructions to activate their loan. This step protects both you and the consumer and ensures that you can get paid faster.

Example of the new massaging after accepting the offer:

0.4 Fixed Notification Settings Submission

In the past, we have received reports of users having difficulty adding new users to their Notification Settings. A bug would occur where it would appear as though the new user was saved, but in reality, it was not. This would be caused when clicking Save without clicking away from the email input first. In our latest release, it now works as it should.

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