Clearent Payment Processing

01 About Payment Processing

Once you’ve completed your Clearent Enrollment, you’ll be able to access the Payment Processing tab from Credit for Comfort’s home screen. From here you can send your customer EasyLinks to process transactions and monitor your transaction history.

The Payment Processing tab will be located directly beneath the Integrations Hub on the Home screen.

02 Using Payment Processing

On the Payment Processing screen, you’ll find the Send EasyLink button followed by your transaction history. If this is your first time accessing Payments, you will instead see the following text beneath the Send EasyLink button:

“Looks like you haven’t received any payments yet. Send an EasyLink to start transacting with your customers.”

Above your transaction history on the left you will also find the Search field which will allow you to search for your transactions by Name, Date, or Transaction ID.

On the right side, you’ll find a small drop-down menu that will allow you to organize your transactions from Most Recent to Oldest and vice versa.

At the bottom center of the screen, you’ll find the transactions page number with two chevrons on either side. Using the chevrons you’ll be able to navigate from page to page. As you complete more transactions, you’ll find more page numbers added to the bottom of the Payment Processing screen.

03 Transactions

After you’ve made your first transaction using Clearent’s processing, you will find that transaction on the Payments screen, listed just beneath the Send EasyLink button. Transactions are by default listed from Most Recent to Oldest with 6 transactions viewable per page. Each listed transaction should contain the following information:

  1. Customer’s First & Last Name

  2. Transaction ID

  3. Type of Transaction (Credit/Check)

  4. Description of the Job (If Available)

  5. Date of the Transaction

  6. Last Four digits of the Customer’s Credit Card or Bank Account

EasyLink for Payments

01. Finding EasyLinks

As long as you have an active integration with Clearent, you can use the EasyPay Link for any type of job.

From the Payment Processing tab, click on Send EasyLinks.

02. Sending EasyLinks

To send a request for payment to a customer, you will need the following information:

  • Requested Payment Amount

  • Customer email or a phone number

As part of this step, you can also add an optional description of the payment request. The customer will see this description upon opening the link. It will also save inside your transaction records for future reference.

03. Customer receiving EasyLinks

The customer can receive the link via email or via text.

If it’s an email, the email will come from and have a subject line with your HVAC company name Payment Link.


If it’s a text it will be from an automated number +1(833)689-2158 and say “{Your HVAC company name} invites you to pay: https://link…

04. Expiring Easy Links

The link emailed or texted is only valid for 24 hours since creation. When a customer opens an expired link, they will see the instructions to contact the company for a new link.

Once the customer clicks on the link, they will see a short spinner that will verify if the link is still valid.

05. Customer Submitting Payment

A payment form invites your customer to submit a secure payment. It shows the name of your company, the amount you requested, and two main methods of payment. If you add any optional notes before sending the link, they will show on the form details as well.

Once the customer added their payment details they will submit the payment.

→ Card Payment Method

Any customer can submit a credit or a debit card payment by selecting that method in the payment form.

→ 'Pay by Check' Payment Method

Only companies that are set up with the Clearent ACH payment option will be able to offer this method to customers.

If your company is set up with ACH, your customer will have a way to select the “Pay by Check” from the EasyPay Link.

06. After Submitting Payment

If the payment is successful, the customer will see a confirmation screen with the Receipt Number, Amount, and other important information. They can then close that page.

if the payment submission had issues, the customer will see the message explaining a possible error. They can click on the button to try again. The initial form will restart.

07. Customer Payment Receipt

After a successful payment, the customer will receive an email with the Clearent Payment Receipt.

The receipt is automatically sent out to the email address provided on the EasyPay Link.

If you send the EasyPay Link to a phone number, the form will collect that email address as part of the customer questions.

The customer receipts are designed and controlled by the Clearent partner.

08. Company Payment Receipt

If your company has configured receiving the payment receipts, you will get a copy of every successful payment directly from Clearent.

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