With our latest update to Credit for Comfort, we have transformed the old Set Finance Plans into the new Integrations Hub!

What is the Integrations Hub? It's an all-in-one stop where you can:

  • Check the information on your lenders

  • Sign up for new lenders

  • Set your plans for GreenSky

You can learn more about the Integrations Hub and how to use it right here!

In addition, we have also added multiple disclaimers from GreenSky. Some legal disclaimers and a disclaimer regarding their 2.1% processing fee!

New GreenSky footer on all GreenSky application pages, explaining that GreenSky is an equal opportunity lender:

Improvements to the Application Review page now show applicants the logo of the lender they're applying with, the requested loan amount, and the number of their selected plan:

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