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Waterfall From GreenSky to Fortiva
Waterfall From GreenSky to Fortiva

How it works and what you need in order to use it

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One of the best features of Credit for Comfort is the ability to waterfall from GreenSky to Fortiva when being declined for a loan through GreenSky. This waterfall feature will prevent you and your customer from having to do an entirely new application.

What You Need to Use it:

In order to use this waterfall feature, you'll naturally require both GreenSky and Fortiva as partners. You can learn how to sign up for new lenders here. Check out GreenSky's Integration article to get specifics on their lending and Fortiva's Integration for their specifics.

How it Works:

Once your customer has completed their application and they are declined by GreenSky, they will encounter the following:

  1. Upon being declined by GreenSky, they will receive a prompt to "See Other Offers". If selected they will then given a Fortiva prompt.

  2. When given the Fortiva prompt your customer will have the opportunity to Proceed and send their application to Fortiva or select Not Interested.

  3. Selecting Proceed will ask the customer to consent to some disclosures and submitting the application

  4. Submitting the application will send over to Fortiva for approval just like a normal Fortiva application. Once that's done it's just a matter of the customer accepting the offer.

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