🤝 Find the right partner to power your HVAC business inside the Integrations Hub. Your favorite lenders, sales, and efficiency tools - all in one place.

Open the hub > Learn about each partner > Select the ones you want to join forces with!

  1. About the Integrations Hub

  2. Reviewing Integrations

  3. Getting Started

  4. Accessing Active Integrations

  5. Active Integrations Settings

0.1 About the Integrations Hub

You might wonder what solutions play nicely with Credit for Comfort besides the ones you already have.

Instead of trying to explore each page of www.creditforcomfort.com, you can open the Integrations Hub right from the home page of your web app.

There you will see the list of all available integrations.

Integrations that have already been activated for your company account, will show up under the Your Current Integrations section.

Check out the Discover More Integrations section that we will continue to grow!

Example of an Integrations Hub page:

🔍 0.2 Reviewing Integrations

Each integrations partner has its own card with a logo, name, brief summary. You can expand it to read through their value, services, and qualification.

You can see the most important details on each card, but you can also read more through the provided links if interested.

If a partner matches your needs and you match their partnership criteria, you can click on the ‘Get Started” button.

🏁 0.3 Getting Started

Each partner has its own approach to integration. Some may take minutes to set up others might be a month-long process.

Do not worry! Once you click to ‘Get Started’, we will provide you with information about each process to help manage time and expectations.

🚪0.4 Accessing Active Integrations

Any partner cards that have been successfully integrated into C4C will show up in the Your Current Integrations section.

The cards will no longer have a ‘Get Started’ button.

Most partners will now show the unique Merchant ID that they issued for the integration. You can refer to that ID whenever you contact customer support.

Example of Merchant ID:

🎮 0.5 Active Integrations Settings

Some partners will also have additional settings.

For example, GreenSky will allow you to select specific plans to work with.

By clicking Select Plans, you will be able to pick and choose which plans you're willing to offer your customers. Just check the box of the plans you wish to offer and save your selections.

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