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Login Troubleshooting

Problems, errors, issues on the login page

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When you try to login into your Credit for Comfort account, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Does your keyboard have the caps lock setting on?

  2. Are you entering the email address associated with this account?

  3. Are you using the correct password?

  4. Did you accidentally leave any blank spaces?

  5. Did you copy and paste extra characters into the fields?

  6. Are you sure you already have an account?

If you are still having issues, try the Forgot Password option [read more].

If the errors persist after you have tried everything from the steps above, please, email for help.

To avoid possible future issues, it's best to save your username and password to the browser you prefer to use.

Example: If you type the wrong user email:

Example: If you type the wrong password:

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