Once you’ve sent your customer their EasyLink or had them complete their application on your device, you’ll want to keep track of their approval progress. You can do this and more in the Leads and History section of Credit for Comfort.

The Leads Tab

Once you enter the Leads and History section, you’ll find yourself at the Leads tab. From here, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Find all leads sent through EasyLink, OnCallAir or your Comfort Button

  • You can check the date, time, and status of your Customer’s application

  • Each lead has its respective customer’s email or phone number

The Applications Tab

On the Applications tab you’ll find all of your customers’ completed applications and their statuses, whether they’re Pending, Declined, Accepted, or Available. Here are some of the other useful tools you can use on this tab:

  • Using the Search function, you can easily find an application by using your customer’s name or the Application ID

  • You can use the Manage Images function to upload images to keep track of completed jobs

  • You can View Loan Terms and Process Transactions on accepted offers. Keep in mind that these options vary from lender to lender

Note: If you use GreenSky and have Prequalifications turned on, you will also have access to the Prequalifications Tab. Learn More Here

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