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Steps After Your Customer Accepts Fortiva's Offer
Steps After Your Customer Accepts Fortiva's Offer

Your customer has been approved by Fortiva and the offer has been accepted. This article will walk you through what to do next.

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Once your customer has accepted a loan offer from Fortiva, you’ll want to find it in the Applications tab of Leads and History. From there you can use the Process Transaction button to take you to Fortiva’s portal.

You will need the credentials that Fortiva sent you right after you completed your training. Please make sure you use the ones for, as Fortiva also has a separate portal focused on application stats, which is not covered in this article and won't be the portal you will need to access in order to complete the funding.

Once you have logged into Fortiva's portal, your first step will be to hold the funds, ensuring that they are available when you are ready to charge the customer once you have completed the job.

  1. After you select Menu select Customer Search and enter the customer search information before selecting Submit

The Account Number can be easily found under the Applications tab of Leads and History in your Credit for Comfort app.

2. Once you have found the account you were looking for, you can proceed to hold the funds by typing the Transaction Amount and hitting Submit. The Sales Associate and Invoice are not required, but feel free to add them for your record.

Keep in mind that by doing this, you are not charging your customer just yet. You are setting aside the $ amount you have agreed upon from the Credit Limit they have been approved for. This will modify the Open to Buy amount, helping you keep track of what they will still have available if you end up adding any new items to your original invoice.

The Purchase Confirmation Page will display allowing you to review the finance amount submitted. From here, you also have the option to process an additional purchase as needed before exiting the screen.

If you have a wireless printer, you can hit Print Receipt and have your customer sign the Fortiva Retail Credit receipt. If you prefer, you may have the customer sign your company’s estimate or invoice instead. Either way, remember that this is not for the customer's payment. The customer is signing their agreement for the future delivery of goods.

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