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Getting Paid with Fortiva
Getting Paid with Fortiva

How to process your funds

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Once you have completed the job and gotten your customer sign Certificate of Completion, you'll want to head back to Fortiva's portal at

During your training with Fortiva, you are given your sign-in credentials and informed on how to utilize Fortiva’s portal. It is very important that you’re familiar with it because all transactions with Fortiva are handled through their portal.

That being said, this guide will teach you how to get paid when using Fortiva:

  1. Upon receiving your customer's signed Certificate of Completion, the sale may be funded and the customer billed.

  2. In Fortiva’s portal select Process Held Transactions

  3. Search your customer’s name in the search field

4. Check the box next to the transaction you would like to release or credit

5. Go to the Select One dropdown at the bottom of the screen and select whichever is most appropriate given the situation: Full Release, Partial Release, or Credit (See Details Below)

6. If you are preforming a Partial Release, enter the amount you would like to release in the transaction amount box

7. Select Submit to finish the transaction and receive your funds via Direct Deposit

8. Finally, select Print Receipt to print any receipts that need to be given to or signed by the customer or held onto for record-keeping.

Credit: Selecting Credit will allow you to partially reduce the transaction amount prior to submitting the request for funding.

Partial Release: Selecting Partial Release will allow you to bill the customer for the portion of goods or service provided.

Full Release: The bank account on file will be net funded within 2 business days, excluding major bank holidays and weekends.

If you require any assistance with this process, please reach out to their Support Team at (866) 290-2835 or .

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