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How to keep track of your completed jobs for future reference

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Every time you complete a job for the customer you might want to keep the image of an installed unit or a repair on file. Credit for Comfort helps you keep track of those images for any accepted GreenSky or Fortiva financing offer.

They might also come in handy for any future manufacturer or lender promotions that require photos of installed equipment.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Leads and History >> Applications

  2. Locate a customer with the Accepted Offer from GreenSky or Fortiva

  3. Click 'Manage Images'

  4. Upload an image from your desktop or a mobile device

  5. You can upload as many images as you like one at a time

  6. To view loaded images, click on 'Manage Images' again

  7. Use the arrows to scroll through more than one image

Example of Manage Images:

Example of Uploading an Image:

Note: You can snap a photo and load it directly when on a phone. The image will rotate into a portrait mode automatically. We recommend taking photos in portrait mode to avoid unwanted rotation.

Example of Reviewing Loaded Images:

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