Your first time on Credit For Comfort can be overwhelming, after all the world of financing is pretty complex. Luckily, with the aid of our Help Center articles and other helpful tools, you’ll be offering financing in no time! This article will teach you how to navigate Credit For Comfort itself and how to seek out help when needed!

Navigating C4C

After logging into Credit For Comfort, you’ll arrive at the Home Screen where you will find the following:

  1. Menu Button (Top Right Corner)

  2. Estimate and Apply (Center)

  3. Leads and History (Below Estimate and Apply)

  4. Integrations Hub (Below Leads and History)

  5. Intercom Button (Bottom Right Corner)

The Menu Button

You can access the Menu Button from any screen in Credit For Comfort, it is an easy way to return to the Home Screen at any time. Clicking on the Menu Button, will bring out a side panel where you can perform the following actions:

  • Home - Takes you to the Home Screen

  • Notifications - Allows you to manage your notifications. Learn how to set this up here.

  • Comfort Button - Provides the code needed to install the Comfort Button on your website. You can learn more about that, here.

  • Help - Gives you access to Our Help Center, Latest Promotions, and great Marketing Resources.

Estimate and Apply

Here’s where you will be putting together the loan applications for your customer. To learn about that process, please check out our guide here

Leads and History

You’ll be checking Leads and History for updates on your customers’ applications. You can see submissions, application status, and if you’re registered, GreenSky’s prequalifications. Please check out our guide to learn more.

Integrations Hub

This is where you can find information on all of our lenders and where you can set which GreenSky plans you want to offer your customers. Please read our guide to learn how to get set up.

Intercom Button

Using the Intercom button, you’ll be able to reach our Customer Success team with any questions or issues you may have about Credit For Comfort.

Where Should I Start?

When first using Credit For Comfort, the first thing you should do is go to Set Finance Plans to get familiarized with your lenders and if you have GreenSky, set the plans you want to offer your customers. That way, when you’re ready to transact, you can jump right into Estimate and Apply without any issues.

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