By simply adding the Comfort Button banner to your Wix website, two immediate values will be created, one to your customers, and the other to your business. What does this mean? Your clients will be have the ability to conveniently apply directly from that Credit for Comfort banner, and you will be driving traffic to your site, using an easy to use but professional look and feel Wix template.

1. From your Wix dashboard, please click on the Add button to create an Embed a Widget box please.

2. Then, click the Embed a Widget option, to create the box shown below.

3. After creating the Widget box, please click inside to populate the following box below.

4. You will see the box below show up, here is where you will enter the code for the Comfort Button to be installed to the site and click the Update button.

5. The grey box will now display the information below, center the square and with the bullet point borders, you can make the banner its full size.

6. Using the bullet point borders, please drag down to make the square bigger.

7. Drag the banner to the top of the site, or to the desire location, and click the Preview button.

8. Then, you will see the banner at full size, and after you click the Apply Now button, the whole banner should display accordingly.

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