Prequalification is a feature exclusive to contractors that have been approved by GreenSky and activated by their GreenSky account manager. It allows you to test for customer approval with GreenSky without hard pulling their credit score.

How do I toggle on Prequalification?

Normally, prequalification is toggled on by your GreenSky account manager, however, for those that don’t have an account manager, they can call or email GreenSky’s Merchant Concierge at (800) 357-1558 or

How to Use it

  1. From the Home screen, please select Estimate and Apply

  2. Input a loan amount and select GreenSky as the financing option

  3. Select a plan and hit Next or send an Easy Link

  4. A prompt will appear asking if you’d like to Prequalify For Your Loan

  5. Hit Get Started and fill out the application

  6. Once your application is filled out, confirm your details by hitting Next

  7. You will then be asked to read and consent to the Legal Disclosure statements

  8. Hit Submit Application

  9. If your customer is prequalified by GreenSky, they will be able to apply for an account for the prequalified plan

  10. With the plan selected, you can hit Apply for an Account or Send Easy Link if the customer is not already using one

  11. Consent to the legal disclosures again for real this time and Submit

Steps 1-2:

Steps 3-7:

Step 8:

Steps 9-11:

From here, please check out Steps After Prequalification using the link below!

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