The Comfort Button is a neat little tool that allows your customer to request financing from your website.

From the Consumer perspective, it works in three simple steps:

  1. Request a link (email/text)

  2. Select a lender and a plan when applicable

  3. Get a decision

They will be able to enter the loan amount they want and if applying for GreenSky, see the estimated payments for the available plans.

You will be able to track these applications in the Leads section of the Application History screen. So you can follow this path:

Home > Leads and History > Leads

How to get a Comfort Button?

Once you are logged into Credit For Comfort, open the side menu and click "Get Comfort Button". You will be able to email the code to your web developer for him/her to install the button on your website.

Just copy and paste the lines of code to your company site as directed so that:

  • Your customers can go there and request a secure application link;

  • Select the plan they prefer;

  • Apply in seconds without you lifting a finger!

Check out this CodePen for a working example:;!!IU-VDvTblQ!8AJxbvqoyjE2VC8Xw5Lu9A3mhLIIsiTmMMPKHqxriIaIYju3AHuj-qeMwcmQp2aG1a-D$

Note: Send an email to if you need any help with the installation!

For Installation on Wix, check out our Wix guide:

Comfort Button Wix Instructions

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