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Steps after Prequalification
Steps after Prequalification

How to open a GreenSky account after prequalification

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In order to receive a shopping pass and pay for the services, the applicant must take the step of opening the account with GreenSky. Once the consumer is prequalified, they can proceed to open an account with GreenSky.

While prequalification allows applicants to check an estimated rate with the lender without affecting their credit score, opening the account with GreenSky means that the lender will do a more thorough look at their credit history. This step will affect the applicant's credit score.

Credit for Comfort allows applicants to make that decision both immediately or after some consideration.

A. Immediately after being prequalified

If the applicant is prequalified for an estimated loan amount and rate, they can "Apply for an Account"

When applying for an account an applicant only has to answer two security questions about their Date of Birth (DOB) and their full Social Security number (SSN) to confirm their identity. They will receive the final loan decision in seconds and will obtain the shopping pass to pay for the home improvement services.

b. Soon after being prequalified

In this scenario, the consumer will see how much they were prequalified for, but decide to think about it and not immediately apply for an account with GreenSky.

After some consideration or your reminder, they might want to move forward with the credit application.

In this case, you can send them another secure Easy Link so they could pick up exactly from the successful prequalification screen.

To do that:

  1. Head over to Application History >> Prequalifications.

  2. Find the prequalification that was Authorized for that customer

  3. Click See More

  4. You will see the Congratulations screen

  5. Click “Send Easy Link

  6. Add Email or a phone number the consumer prefers

  7. Click "Send"

  8. Consumers will receive the Easy Link with the prequalification offer and apply for a GreenSky account from that page securely.

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