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Getting Paid by GreenSky
Getting Paid by GreenSky

Your customer has accepted GreenSky's offer and you have completed the job, so now, you are ready to get paid!

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What steps must you complete to successfully complete the transaction?

  1. Log into GreenSky's Merchant Portal

  2. Select which customer you would like to submit a transaction authorization request for

  3. Your customer will receive a request to authorize the transaction through text message, email, or phone

  4. Once the customer has authorized the transaction, you are ready to complete the funding

The way your account is set up with GreenSky will determine if there is any additional action you must take:

a) Set up for Direct Deposit

b) Set up for Credit Card Payment

A) Set-Up for Direct Deposit

If you are set up for Direct Deposit, no additional action is needed. You will receive the funds in your account in 24-48 hours. Keep in mind that you will receive the funds minus the applicable fee.

B) Set up for Credit Card Payment

If you are NOT set up for Direct Deposit, you may run the shopping pass through your credit card processor. In this case, you will receive the full amount in 24-48 hours and will later get a statement from GreenSky for the merchant fees.

Your Customer has been Approved for a Higher Amount?

In some instances, your customer may be approved for a loan amount higher than requested. If the full amount isn't charged, the remaining balance can be used within the purchasing window. If you think you may want to use those funds for a future job for that customer, you'll need to keep the purchase window open.

You will have the opportunity to do this when submitting the payment for the job within GreenSky's portal. All you need to do is make sure to select "No, there will be subsequent charges on this account." when asked to Select a Charge Type.

If you need any assistance with these steps, feel free to contact GreenSky's Merchant Concierge at 800-357-1558 and they will be able to walk you through it.

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