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Offering Credit for Comfort on Proposal
Offering Credit for Comfort on Proposal

How to get your customer to apply without your help

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You can get customers to apply for a specific financing plan directly from the presented or accepted OnCall Air proposal.

How does it work?

Choose a Financing Plan when Building a Proposal

  1. When building a proposal, work your way to the Summary tab:

2. At the bottom of the page select the financing plan you would like to offer on that specific proposal option:

You will see the monthly payments automatically calculate once the plan is selected:

3. Once you are finished building the proposal and have selected your financing options, be sure to click Present!

How A Consumer Applies for Financing

  1. After the proposal has been presented, scroll down to the bottom of the individual proposal where the financing section is located. There will be a button that says "Apply Now" that the consumer will click on to apply directly.

2. After clicking the "Apply Now" button, the consumer will select the email address or phone number where the secure application link is to be sent:

3. The consumer then receives an email or text with the link to apply for the financing plan directly:

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